Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Love Double Dutch by Doreen Spicer-Dannelly - OPTIONAL

Love Double Dutch by Doreen Spicer-Dannelly, 234 pages. Random House, 2018. $17

Language: PG (6 swears, 0 “f”); Content: PG; Violence: G



Kayla's parents are having some tough times (Dad cheats and Mom appreciates loyalty) so they send their two Brooklynite children down to North Carolina for the summer while they work things out, one way or another. Kayla' s whole life revolves around Double Dutch Jump Roping. Her team has qualified to go to the regional championships and now she is leaving. Surprisingly Double Dutch exists in North Carolina and her snobby cousin has a foot in the door. The girls bond and her cousin learns how to handle losing friends who became bullies. 

This is a fun story, I enjoyed getting to know the world of Double Dutch. I enjoyed the story but it felt just a little dated, but that could be because Double Dutch is not a thing in my state. The author specializes in girl power, but this is a fun read that boys could also enjoy.           

Lisa Moeller:  Language Arts Teacher/Librarian

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