Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Hot List by Hillary Homzie - ESSENTIAL

Homzie, Hillary The Hot List, 244 pgs. Mix, 2011. $6.99. Language G(0swears), Sexual Content G; Violence G; Sophie and Maddie thought it'd be just a fun quick thing that wouldn't last for more than a day two at most. The Hot List however, had other ideas. After one afternoon of writing up a hot list together on a bathroom stall at school Sophie thought she and Maddie would now be inseparable like never before. Before Sophie could blink the Hot List had spun out of control turning already crazy middle school into even more of a place of popularity contests. Now loosing Maddie is more of a reality than ever, but can Sophie stop the Hot List? 

A funny overexaggeration of middle school that is a refreshing view on how fickle popularity is in reality. Makes me glad that my middle school years weren't like Sophie's. Wonderfully demonstrates how groups can be created and changed. Very funny. EL, MS - ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer: KU

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