Monday, February 13, 2012

Above by Leah Bobet –OPTIONAL

Bobet, Leah Above, 528 pgs. Arthur A. Levine Books, 2012 (April). $8.99. (Language-PG Violence-PG13 Sexual Content-G).
A group of misfits hides themselves under the city, in a space they call Safe. Matthew (aka the Teller) is a young man who was born in Safe, and has very little experience with the world Above. He knows that bad things can happen, via Whitecoats, if people like him are identified as different and caught. When one of their own goes rogue, Matthew and the others must flee to the Above and try to survive and make plans to take back their home. Complicating matters is Ariel, a beautiful young woman whom Matthew is trying to keep safe –mostly from herself.
The best thing about this book is the unique voice and cadence to speech that is presented. The main character, Matthew and the others have their own creative way of speaking that is both interesting and descriptive, which helps draw the reader into their reality. That being said, I didn’t ever really bond with the characters, and didn’t care at all when they were placed in danger. The plot was fairly linear and repetitive at times. I think students will not find the unique speech all that thrilling, and might give up when Matthew has to go chasing, yet again, after Ariel.
MS, HS – OPTIONAL Reviewer: Stephanie MLS graduate.

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