Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Forbidden by Syrie James - ESSENTIAL

James, Syrie and James, Ryan M. Forbidden, 410. Harper Teen, 2012. $8.99 Language PG-13(50 swears), Sexual Content G; Violence PG; Claire has finally settled in at her new school and is silently praying that her mom will find some reason to stay put. Claire loves it here, she loves her school and friends and when a new guy shows up she wants to stay even more desperately than before. When Alec arrives at school he plans on just blending in and making no strong connections with anyone. That was his plan until he saw Claire. When the two find out who each really is angel and half angel, their love explodes but they must keep is a secret. How can they do that though when everyone is after Clair's life pushing Alec to try to protect her. But how far is too far? 

Forbidden is a wonderfully amazing story that I absolutely adore. A love story that explodes off the page making me and all other readers unable to exit this world that we've been transported into. An ending that laves readers itching for more. MS HS - ESSENTIAL. Student Reviewer: KU

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