Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Jane Austen Diaries: Pride and Popularity by Jenni James-OPTIONAL

James, Jenni. The Jane Austen Diaries: Pride and Popularity, 238 pages, Inkberry Press, 2011, $11.99. Language-G, Mature Content-G, Violence-G

Chloe has been avoiding Taylor Anderson since the summer before their sophomore year. He was too popular, too handsome and far too sure of himself for her. When they end up in the same art class senior year, she can't avoid him any longer. Why won't he and his friends leave her and her friends alone? But when his best friend falls for hers, things get messy, and her pride and his popularity get in the way. There was really nothing new here, and much of the Pride and Prejudice parallels seemed forced. Ultimately, it is an easy read with a few bright spots for the young Austen enthusiast. MS/HS-ADVISABLE. Reviewer: Gretchen

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