Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby-OPTIONAL

Ashby, Amanda. Fairy Bad Da9, 336 pages, Speak, 2011, $7.99.
Language-G , Mature Content-G, Violence-PG  

Burtonwood Academy student, Emma Jones wants nothing more than to be chosen to be a Dragon Slayer like her mother before her.  However, when Curtis Green is chosen to be a Dragon Slayer and she is assigned to study to be the very first Fairy Slayer, Emma knows that it must be some kind of cosmic joke or at least a simple mistake that Principal Kessler could easily rectify. Resigned to embarrassment and at a loss of how to take down a fairy, Emma turns to her two friends and her own devices. When a giant evil fairy only she can see wreaks havoc on campus, Emma finds that maybe she needs more help than she is willing to admit, and maybe, just maybe, the cute Curtis Green might be very interested in lending a hand. The creature mythology behind this story is kind of confusing. I found the characters and setting pretty flat. The story did not really keep my interest which made it hard to hang in there until the final battle.  MS/HS-OPTIONAL. Reviewer: Gretchen 

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