Friday, January 13, 2012

A Closer Look by Karen DelleCava - OPTIONAL

DelleCava, Karen A Closer Look, 302 pgs. WestSide Books, 2011. $16.95.

Language-PG( 51 swears), Mature content-G; Violence-G

14 year old Cassie wakes up on New Years day only to find that her hair is falling out slowly in chunks. It happened once before in preschool. Her mom had to pull her out to protect her. Now she is older, how is she going to hide this? Cassie meets a guy and they start dating consistently. She is afraid to tell him, but confides in him at his party. That night he dumps her and avoids her at school.

This book is very unique in it's own way. It isn't your fantasy books with princesses and dragons, but it had characters that resembled fantasy characters. It was a lesson sharing and thoughtful book. I would suggest this book to those who like to read nonfiction.


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