Monday, February 23, 2009

Need by Carrie Jones - ESSENTIAL

Jones, Carrie Need pgs.320 Bloomsbury USA Children's Books. Language~PG-13, Sexual Content~PG; Violence~PG;

Too soon after her father’s death Zara’s mom ships her off to Grandma Beth’s in frigid Maine. To work through the pain of losing her father, Zara recites phobias. There is a formal name for every fear out there and Zara has them all memorized. As a new girl at the local high school, Zara expects to be completely isolated, but by the end of her first day, she has made friends and enemies. In addition to dealing with the death of her dad, Zara also is being stalked. The stalker moves unnaturally fast and leaves behind gold dust. Zara and her friends begin to uncover a secret that is killing young men in the area. The Pixie king is looking for a mate and he has chosen Zara. This novel is a must for all the Twilight fans. Engaging writing, a little romance, a little suspense, were-wolves, evil Pixies, do I need to say more? The heroine is strong and spunky and will not leave readers disappointed. Get two copies of this title if you can. There is some swearing mostly “Gs”

MS/HS – ESSENTIAL. Allison Madsen~Teen Librarian-SJO Public Library

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gottogozippen55 said...

OK, this book has to be one of the best books that you can read and it will literally like hook you so that all you will want to do is read the book until the very end! it grabs your attention quickly and clutches it like iron! READ READ READ it! :) and enjoy it so you can read the second book to and wait as humanly possible for the third that must be made ASAP!ENJOY! hope iv inspired you to read this thrilling breath holding novel! ;)