Monday, February 23, 2009

How to Build a House by Dana Reinhardt - ADVISABLE

Reinhardt, Dana How to Build a House, 240 pgs. Wendy Lamb Books; Language~PG, Sexual Content~R; Violence~G

Harper’s family is falling apart. Her father and step-mom are getting a divorce. Not only is Harper losing her ‘mom’ but the divorce has torn apart her friendship with Tess, her step-sister. To get away from the hurt at home, Harper joins Habitat for Humanity and volunteers to help build a home in a Tennessee town which was destroyed by a tornado. There she meets other teens with varied backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common . . .they are here to work. Harper does work, but she also makes friends. To her surprise she finds herself drawn to a young man named Teddy. It’s Teddy’s house they are re-building and their friendship quickly blossoms into more.

This is a story about re-building a house after a destructive storm, but it is also a story about re-building trust and relationships destroyed by divorce. While this title is highly recommended, there are scenes with heavy kissing and described sexual activity. These are tastefully done and not overly graphic, but I recommend you read it first before deciding if it belongs in your school’s library. This is a must for public libraries!

MS, HS - ADVISABLE Allison Madsen~Youth Services Librarian-SJO Public Librarian

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