Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Followers Are SPECIAL

To my followers:

And I mean the ones who are at this moment (8:30 am on Tuesday the 10th), signed up to follow this blog. And I know exactly who you are, so don't pretend. For you I have something special. Email me at deondrel@netscape.net with your home address and I will send you a book of your very own. Tell me if you want a picture book or a YA novel and I will mail your prize to you! The book may be a published novel or it might be a ARC.

For everyone else - signup to follow this blog and maybe you can cash in the next time I have books to offload!

Hugs - Cindy!


Robin said...

Check your blog nearly every day but hadn't really thought about subscribing....thanks for helping me make my day a little easier!

Cindy Mitchell said...

Hi Robin:

Glad to have you with us! I have been spending a lot of time lately claening up the post labels - so hopefully it will also be easier to find the kind of books you want at the levels you want them.