Monday, November 24, 2008

What They Always Tell Us by Martin Wilson - NO

Wilson, Martin What They Always Tell Us, 304 pgs. Delacorte Press.

Language- PG-13; Sexual Content- PG-13; Violence- G


Alex and his brother, James, used to be best friends, but after Alex has an accident his junior year in high school, James can barely stand his now lazy younger brother. When Alex starts running again and becomes friends with James' friend Nate, and they two start running together and training for the school Track team, Alex starts feeling things towards Nate that he doesn't understand.

This book totally grossed me out, yes it has a lesson about being different, but it isn't a book I feel comfortable letting into school libraries.

Student Reviewer: AR

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Cori James said...

I hate the words, "Not comfortable with this in the school library". The less of that we have, the smarter (and more well rounded) our kids will be.
China feels the same way as you do about censorship, incidentally.