Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Giant Problem by Tony DITerlizzi and Holly Black - ESSENTIAL

DiTerlizzi, Tony and Holly Black A Giant Problem, 154 p. Simon and Schuster, 2008.

Content: G


Nick and Laurie have handled the nixie problem; while they have not solved it, it is at least temporarily dealt with. However, the giants are stirring and could possibly wreck the entire subdivision, killing innocents, ruining the family monetarily, unless the kids recruit some allies and solve the giant giant problem. And while the kids may think they are being clever, the bigger picture is bringing bigger problems right into the neighborhood.

Fans of the Spiderwick chronicles will not be disappointed by this next installment. In fact, their biggest frustration will be that they will want the next book as soon as they finish the last word of this one.


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