Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Hand You're Dealt by Paul Volponi - OPTIONAL

Volponi, Paul The Hand You're Dealt, 168 p. Atheneum (Simon and Schuster), 2008.

Language: R (50 swears, 3 "f").


When Huck's father was hospitalized right before the big charity poker game, the winner, Huck's arrogant math teacher, came to the hospital and stole the winner's watch right off Dad's wrist. Now that Dad has died. Huck is determined to win back the watch, even if it means lying to his mom. Will the cards fall Huck's way or will the card shark teacher take him down?

Its too bad that there is so much swearing in this book, because the poker is really good. We're big fans of TV poker at my house, so I have watched my share of games and drama. If the language is not a factor for your school, go for it, because there will be boys who will thoroughly enjoy this one.


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