Friday, November 7, 2008

Revealers by Amanda Marrone - NO

Marrone, Amanda Revealers, 268 p. Simon Pulse, 2008. $9.

Language: R (140+, 3 "f"); Sexual Content: PG (implied petting).


Jules and her coven are busy fighting vampires and werewolves, sometimes to the detriment of their grades and social lives. The girls are all rapidly approaching their 18th birthdays, when they will be initiated into the final levels of knowledge of the main coven's inner workings. All of their questions will be answered and their doubts allayed. Jules, however, is the youngest, and not only is she rebellious, she has a boy that she wants to be with, but she is kind of freaked out by her friends' reactions to their personal initiations. The secrets are even scarier than Jules ever imagined and only a revolution will free the girls from immortal danger.

If it weren't for the long catalog of swear words, this book would be much more interesting. This is only for the most cutting-edge of schools.


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