Tuesday, April 27, 2021

This Town is Not All Right by M. K. Krys - OPTIONAL

This Town is Not All Right by M. K. Krys
, 298 pages. Penguin Workshop, 2020. $18. 

Content: G



Beacon and Everleigh, 12yo twins, were dragged to Driftwood Harbor by their dad after their brother, Jasper, died. Beacon wants nothing to do with this town and puts on a mask for his family. When strange things start to happen, Beacon gets the feeling things are not right in Driftwood Harbor. He could swear he saw Jane Middleton disappear in the waves during a storm, but she was reported to be in bed all night. And his tomboy sister starts wearing pink dresses. With all these strange things happening, Beacon is determined to figure out what is wrong with this town. 

 This was an interesting read because I could never guess what was going to happen next. It won’t suck students in right away, but readers who persist will enjoy it. 

Julia M., Student 

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