Saturday, April 10, 2021

Careful What You Wish Fur by Vera Strange - HIGH

Careful What You Wish Fur (Disney Chills) by Vera Strange
, 247 pages. Disney Press (Buena Vista Books, Inc.), 2021. $7. 

Content G



13yo Delia loves fashion. She is obsessed with taking the perfect selfie every day for the PicPerfect app so her ranking will stay high. Unfortunately for Delia, her hardworking single mom has finagled an opening in an upscale school where Delia is no longer top dog. As she struggles to fit in, she discovers a fur coat seemingly abandoned outside of House DeVil, that transforms her. Literally. Suddenly her skin is flawless and her selfies amazing. All is grand until the owner decides she wants her coat back. 

 These books are growing on me. Once you pick up the book you will want to finish it, which isn’t hard. These books are fast reads and don’t have to be read in any order. Delia is a fairly self-centered teenager, but getting hearts on social media comes at a high price for her. Lesson learned in the Twilight Zone. Also, you should not a fur coat off a mannequin. Ever. Kick back and enjoy a romp with the darker side of Disney. 

Michelle in the Middle 

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