Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Astonishing Maybe by Shaunta Grimes - ESSENTIAL

The Astonishing Maybe by Shaunta Grimes, 230 pages. Feiwel and Friends (Macmillan), 2019. $17  
Content: G 



Gideon moves cross country with his family form New Jersey to a small town in Nevada. It is hot and dusty and the only person his age is the strange girl next door. She rides roller skates with a cape made from a towel around her neck. Her name is Roona. Together they embark on a quest to locate Roona's long lost father.  
I really enjoyed this books. the characters are very believable and Shaunta Grimes writes 11 -12 year old children really well. As the two of them set out to find Roona's father, Gideon constantly thinks of how his actions will effect his parents and his sister, and his relationship with them in the future. The book was a fast read and gave me lots to think about. Things are rarely what they seem like at first glance; this story is like that; it is much deeper and much more far reaching than I first thought. I really recommend this book.       

Ellen-Anita, Librarian

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