Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Bigger, Badder, Nerdier by Obert Skye - ADVISABLE

Bigger, Badder, Nerdier (Geeked Out #2) by Obert Skye, 228 pages, Henry Holt (Macmillan), 2019, $14.

Language: G (0 swears); Mature Content: G; Violence G



In book two of the Geeked Out series, Tip and his friends are back at their post apocalyptic world, brought on by a horrible film sequel.  At Otto Waddle Jr. High Government Outpost something seems to be going even more terribly awry than usual.  Another group of students is weirdly impersonating LAME, the group’s name and mediocre super powers, and they must fight to save their school, even though it is a decided dive.  

While the first book was wildly funny, this book spends too much time reviewing the plot set-up of book one, and the humor and plot line didn’t seem as fresh.  It’s still a fun toss up of line drawings and story, but the plot wasn’t as engaging or fleshed out.  

Michelle in the Middle, Teacher

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