Tuesday, April 23, 2019

When Plants Attack by Rebecca E. Hirsch - ESSENTIAL

When Plants Attack : Strange and Terrifying Plants by Rebecca E. Hirsch, NON FICTION. Millbrook Press (Lerner Imprints), 2019. $32.. 9781541526709

Violence: PG (Descriptions of the demise of bugs and animals).



Plants have way of surviving. Whether they live in inhospitable soil and have to catch their own food, like the venus fly trap, or they need to protect themselves from being eaten like the stinging tree, these plants have developed traits 

Kinda gross, and very interesting, the full color captioned photographs show the plants up close and personal. We see the scientific process in action as specialists test why the plants do what they do. The text is accessible and short - about 3 pages per plant including side bars identifying the scientific name, alias what they do and where they can be found. Includes author's note, sources, a glossary, bibliography and "more to explore". 

Lisa Librarian

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