Sunday, April 21, 2019

Gloria Takes a Stand by Jessica M. Rinker - ADVISABLE

Gloria Takes a Stand: How Gloria Steinem Listened, Wrote, and Changed the World by Jessica M. Rinker, illustrated by Daria Peoples-Riley. PICTURE BOOK/BIOGRAPHY. Bloomsbury, 2019. $18. 9781681196763



Even as a little girl, Gloria Steinem knew what she wanted and wasn't going to do things any other way. From attending college when most women weren't allowed, to being a driving force in the women's libration movement, Steinem stood up for what she believed, and spoke out. She believed women and people of color should be "linked not ranked," she started Ms. Magazine and spoke all over about making life more fair for everyone. She listened, she acted, things changed. 

Steinem is an icon, and this picture book biography succinctly covers her life and influence. Her example teaches that it's OK to stand up for yourself and others, and when you see an injustice, do something about it. Includes an author's and illustrator's notes, photographs of Steinem, a timeline of important events in US Women's History and a bibliography.

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