Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Losing the Girl by Marinaomi - NO

Losing the Girl by Marinaomi, 269 pages. Graphic Universe (Lerner), 2018. $18. 

Language: R (5 swears); Mature Content: R (sex, pregnancy); Violence: PG-13.



This graphic novel is written in four parts, each from the perspective of four classmates trying to navigate the awkward world of teen dating. Nigel wants to date Emily, but Emily is more interested in Ben. Ben doesn’t have much in common with Emily, but he goes out with her anyway. They awkwardly have sex and Emily gets pregnant. Emily encourages Paula not to break up with Darren, even though he doesn’t treat her well. On the periphery is the story of a missing classmate and speculation about what may have happened to her.

The cover suggests a sci-fi story. The four main characters look like aliens on the cover, but the alien theme is very much in the background. Each chapter has a different illustration style which is creatively interesting, but for me it felt disjointed and sloppy, especially Paula’s chapter. The characters are shallow and the plot leaves much to be desired. There’s no character growth or redeeming message at the end.

Valerie McEnroe, Media Specialist

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