Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Master of Shadows by Nykko - OPTIONAL

The Master of Shadows (Elsewhere Chronicles #3) by Nykko, 48 pgs. Graphic Universe, 2009. $27.00. GRAPHIC NOVEL.

Language - PG (1 swear); Mature Content - G; Violence - G.

The four kids, Rebecca, Max, Theo, and Noah are trying to find the fifth passageway to get back to Earth. They sail across a sea filled with huge sea monsters, and meet peaceful villagers that provide them with food. Little do they know that they are being followed by the Master of Shadows. They battle more shadow spies and and even meet the Master himself. They are saved by Doleann, but Ilvanna ends up dying because she is tricked by a shadow spy. The kids make it back safely, but Max wants to go back. Will the Shadow King be able to follow them through the portal to find them?

EL, MS- OPTIONAL. Anna M, teacher.

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