Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Take Me With You by Carolyn Marsden

Marsden, Carolyn Take Me With You, 160 p. Candlewick, 2010.  $14.99.  Content: G.  Susanna and Pina are best friends, helping each other to keep their spirits up during their lives in an orphanage  after WWII.  Susanna is pretty sure she will never to adopted – she is the daughter of an Italian woman and a African American GI who deosn’t even know she exists.  Pina, on the other hand, while very pretty, is for some reason never picked to be adopted.  She doesn’t know that her mother has given her up, but told the nuns that she is never to be adopted.  I have loved many of Marsden’s books, but this one is not a favorite.  The writing is not Ms. Marsden’s usual fine quality.  EL – OPTIONAL. Cindy, Library-Teacher.

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