Thursday, April 8, 2010

SellOut by Ebony Joy WIlkins

Wilkins, Ebony Joy  SellOut, 288 pgs Scholastic Press, 2010, . Language-Pg13 (36 swears no 'f'); Sexual content-Pg; Violence-Pg;  NaTasha has always tried to fit in. After a disastrous dance recital  NaTasha's grandma takes her out to where she can be with more people like her. More African American people. Will she adjust? Will she want to go back? I loved this book. It was touching how all NaTasha wanted was to fit in when really she didn't need to. I love the characters too. The way it was written just stuck a picture in your mind. You could picture the characters and the scenery easily. ESSENTIAL - HS Student Reviewer: CRH 

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