Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sharp Shot by Jack Higgins

Higgins, Jack Sharp Shot, 214 p. Putnam (penguin), 2009. $16.99. Violence: PG. John Chance is off on a mission and the twins, Rich and Jade, immediately run into trouble. A former colleague of Jack’s comes begging for help, but instead of being a good guy, he is actually a bad guy and he kidnaps Jade. Now Jade is a prisoner in a remote Middle Eastern village and Rich must help their father get her to safety. But more is at stake than just Jade’s life; nuclear weapons are some how involved and the stability of the entire region is at risk. Join the Chance family on another rollicking, non-stop adventure into the dangerous world of international espionage! Perfect for your hard-to-please boys and any lover of detective fiction. MS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library-Teacher.


Andrew said...

Could you summarize the climax, resolution and give some examples of flashbacks if possible? It would greatly be appreciated.

Cindy Mitchell said...

Sorry Andrew - I'm not going to write your book report for you.