Sunday, October 4, 2009

After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick - ESSENTIAL

Sonnenblick, Jordan After Ever After, 272 p. Scholastic, FEBRUARY 2010. $16.99.

Content: G.

Jeffery’s cancer is in remission and he’s ready to deal with normal teen stuff. At the beginning of 8th grade, however, Steven, his older brother, has ditched his girlfriend and taken off for Africa “to find himself”. And Tad, Jeffrey’s best friend, also a cancer survivor, is keeping important information from Jeffrey. Add a beautiful new girl, who for some reason seems mutually interested in Jeffrey, and you have the makings of more than interesting year in school.

I will tell you honestly, I was in tears by the end of this novel. I didn’t read the prequel, Drums, Girl and Dangerous Pie, but I didn’t need to – and now I want to. Jeffery and Tad would be great friends to have and their middle school antics are right on target – I wish they were my friends. Too bad I have to wait 5 months for this to actually come in print!

MS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library-Teacher


Sarah said...

I've read "Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pies" I think the author strikes out on all basis. It's completely unrealistic and insulting to children who have cancer.

Cindy Mitchell said...

Thanks for the heads up Sarah. I'd love to know your thoughts after you read this one - if you decide to read it.

Sarah said...

Of course I'd be curious to see how the story winds up and if the author has improved in his writing.

How did you get your copy?

I am an elementary school teacher.

Cindy Mitchell said...

Scholastic was kind enough to send me an advanced reader's copy. Maybe I should send it your way?

Sarah said...

Oh, that is very generous of you, thank you for your kind offer!!

I think I can wait until January, I'm going to get together with some of my former students and let them know there is a sequel.

Cindy Mitchell said...

To the person who sent in a comment as 123 123 - I am sorry I couldn't post your comment, but you attached a link to a website that is not appropriate for schools. Since this website's mission is to serve school librarians, I have to keep thecontent such that school professionals can access the content at all times. I would love to have you comment -as long as you keep it relevant to this blog.