Saturday, July 26, 2008

Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce - ESSENTIAL

Pierce, Tamora Melting Stones, approx 320 p. Scholastic, October 2008.


Rosethorn has been called to a small island nation to investigate poisoned wells and dying land. Evvy, Briar’s pupil, has to come along because of the trouble she caused back at Winding Circle. Evvy seems to be along to annoy everyone she comes in contact with and she feels less and less connected to the people around her as she delves deeper and deeper into the fascinating rocks of the island. No one seems to appreciate her magic. Only with the support of her mountain heart friend Luvo can Evvy find the strength that she will need to hold together the very rocks of the island and save the land from angry, persistent embryonic volcano spirits, who are determine to break free and wreak havoc.

Originally written for a Full Cast Audio production; I haven’t heard the audio, but the text flows smoothly from scene to scene using Evvy’s voice as the narrator. Fans of Pierce’s Circle of Magic series will be dizzily happy with this newest in the series. I hope you already have all the others!

Cindy Mitchell – Library-Teacher

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