Thursday, July 24, 2008

Aurelia by Anne Osterlund - OPTIONAL

Osterlund, Anne Aurelia, 246 p. Speak (Penguin), 2008.


Even though she doesn’t know it, Aurelia’s life is in danger. As the crown princess, her job is to look good and marry well. But then her childhood friend returns from the frontier and the knowledge comes out and the danger increases. And the mastermind is closer to her than Aurelia thinks.

The best part of this book is its cover – definitely a draw for girls who love mystery, romance and danger. Unfortunately, the accompanying story doesn’t fulfill the promise of the cover. There’s nothing obviously wrong with the writing – it’s not clunky; it’s not illogical. It just lacks depth, description and real character development. It may gain some fans with girls who need an easy, shallow book, but I doubt it will generate a lot buzz.

Cindy Mitchell – Library-Teacher

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