Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Dragon Heir by Cinda Williams Chima - ESSENTIAL

Chima, Cinda Williams The Dragon Heir, 512 p. Hyperion, September 2008.


While Seph, Jack, Ellen and Madison were able to stop the wizards from taking control of all of the Anawizards, but that doesn’t mean that their vigilance can slacken. Seph is stretching himself thin monitoring the wards protecting Trinity. Jack and Ellen are training an army of ghosts to protect the town. Madison is convinced that she is poisoning Seph with her very presence and her siblings are in trouble back in Coal Grove. Then Jason Haley comes back to town with a pack full of amulets and a magical opal of untold powers – and every wizard around the world is drawn to it in a monumental struggle to possess it.

Not a stand alone text – you need to and you NEED to own all three books in the series so far – at least I HOPE there are more! Chima’s books are an excellent example to writers of fantasy for the YA audience - great descriptions, depth of character, plots moving forward. This is core fantasy for any size collection.

Cindy Mitchell – Library-Teacher

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