Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well-Witched by Frances Hardinge - OPTIONAL

Hardinge, Frances Well Witched, 400 p. Harper Collins, May 2008. 


Ryan and his friends just want to get home safely from a bad part of town, so Josh, the brave one steals money from the old wishing well.  Now new, strange powers plague all of them and they finding themselves compelled to do the well-witch’s business – attempting to grant the wishes of the coins they stole. The powers, however are a bit warped, as are the secrets behind many to the wishes. Lives, including their own, are in danger unless the trio can find a way to stop the witch. 

I feel like I have read this book before, but many years ago. I certainly liked it much better than this author’s first book, Fly By Night. If you need a kind of creepy book for a younger audience, by all means get this one! 

Cindy Mitchell, Library-Teacher

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