Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Queen of Attolia

Turner, Megan Whelan The Queen of Attolia, pgs.362 HarperCollins-Eos. Language~PG, Sexual Content~G; Violence~PG; This is the second book in a trilogy by Turner. Eugenides, thief to the queen of Eddis, is finally caught after months of secretly spying and stalking the Queen of neighboring Attolia. Once caught, the queen takes her revenge and cuts off Eugenides’ right hand. For a professional thief nothing could be worse. This begins a 3 way war between Sounis, Eddis, and Attolia. Turner brilliantly weaves a story of betrayal, loyalty, and love in the world she has created. There are some that say that readers do not need to be familiar with the first title in this series, but I am not one of them. This story has unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. This is a must read.MS/HS – Essential. Allison Madsen~Teen Librarian-SJO Public Library

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Three Little Monkeys said...

If the first book is any indication of the surprises waiting then I can't wait to read the sequel! I loved the first one so much that I recommend it to anyone who asks me what my favorite book is. (I also recommend "Epic" by Conor Kostick which if you liked "The Thief" you'll love also)