Monday, June 16, 2008

Fashionistas: The Interns by Chloe Walsh - NO

Walsh, Chloe Fashionistas: The Interns, 320 p. Harper, May 2008.


Meet the promising photographer, the wallflower copywriter, the aspiring designer and the socialite forced to take a summer job. These four compromise the latest foray into the life of an intern at the hottest fashion magazine. All four seem hell-bent on destroying themselves and each other as the claw their way to whatever type of fun, prestige or status it is that they want.

The opening blurb for chapter 14 beings with this quote "I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity" and then proceeds to a fake blog rant about name-dropping. All of this I find exquisitely ironic from a book that prides itself on how many names it can drop. This is book is as superficial as they come, has close to 100 swears (surprisingly, no "f") and paints four girls on mutually self-destructive courses. Someone please find me a point in all of this!! Whoops - no point to be found here.


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