Sunday, December 23, 2007

Questors by Joan Lennon - ESSENTIAL

Lennon, Joan Questors, 359 p. McElderry (Simon and Schuster), 2007. 


Three children are taken from the lives they know, thrown together in a strange place and then told that not only are they siblings, but that their destiny is to save all three of their worlds. Thus begins the journey of Madlen, Bryn and Cam, three teens sent across the dimensions to find "something", not even their mentors know what. 

Tight and action-packed, this novel is a perfect piece of fantasy fiction (except for four swear words). Instead of spreading the story out through a trilogy, all three worlds and all three problems are very neatly wrapped up within one fascinating book. The good is just good enough and the bad is just bad and just crazy enough to satisfy the readers. 


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