Monday, December 3, 2007

Looking For JJ - Anne Cassidy

Cassidy, Anne Looking for JJ, 319 p. Harcourt, 2007. Seven years ago, at the age of ten, Jennifer Jones killed one of her playmates. She has served her time and is trying to start a new life, but the press knows she is out and they are trying to find her. Details of JJ's former life, with her negligent mother and the fatal steps that lead her to her choice, are interspersed with "Alice's" tries at a life for herself. Be aware that there is an intimate scene that pushes the boundaries - some touching and feeling and removing of clothes. Fewer than five swear words and lots of tense moments. MS, HS - ADVISABLE (in the right school).


Anonymous said...

i love this book, it's amazing, i couldn't put it down

Anonymous said...

I LOVE tHIS BoOk. ! It is truly AMAZING. !