Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pretty Tough - girl power!!

Tigelaar, Liz Pretty Tough, 246 p. Since one fateful day in the school cafeteria, sisters Krista and Charlie have hated each other with visible vehemence. Now Charlie has been recruited to join Krista's beloved soccer - Krista's senior year, the year she is supposed to be a star. But, Charlie is every bit as good as Krista and has been specifically recruited to transform the team in to a true powerhouse. The two seem to have a truce on the field, but unless the original feud is finally settled, they may ruin everyone's chances of a successfully season, besides ruing any chance they might have of being loving sisters. Good soccer, and great drama about sisters and friends and high school in general. There is some talk of teen drinking and Krista's boyfriend is trying to pressure her into sex, but otherwise it is superb. Ms, HS - ADVISABLE

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Caryn said...

Wow! You were busy over break! I have some girls who are pretty into soccer. They liked Soccer Chick Rules and the Traveling Pants series. I bet they would like this, too. Thanks for the suggestion.