Monday, July 10, 2006

ALA 2006 Author sightings, signings and schwag

As I spend my days typing up all of the reviews I am overdue from another trip (!), I thought I would at least say a little more on the subject of ALA. I go for the books and the authors. So, here is a list of the authors I talked to, saw, had pictures taken with and interacted with. This may not be a complete list, as I didn't take pictures of everyone I wanted to!

Tamora Pierce
O.R. Melling
Ted Lewin and the very lovely Betsy Lewin
Ian Falconer
Robert Sabuda
Matthew Reinhart
Margaret Haddix
D.J. MacHale
Laurence Yep
Jon Scieszka
Lane Smith
Neal Shusterman
Susan Fletcher
Sonya Sones

Slap me - because I totally forgot to go back to a booth and see Scott Westerfeld!! I didn't give greetings to our hometown girl Shannon Hale, either.

My kids went to the neighbor's and picked up our mail and my three boxes that I shipped from New Orleans, so I spent some happy time going through my goodies. Roughly here is how it breaks down:

21 shelvable, autographed novels that I paid for
12 free, shelvable novels
65 ARCs (!)
a schlode (?) of catalog pages (only tear out what you want)
8 tote bags (Greenwood's is the coolest - silver mesh)
1 t-shirt (Rainbow fish)
a couple of pens (pens are not a popular freebie at ALA)
27 business cards (get busy with that email!)
a pink boa
a teddy bear
a nail kit
and a whole lot of fun!

The kids have already divided up most of it, so very little is left for me. They'd better at least let me have access to the books!


Caryn said...

I'm so jealous, both of your interactions with the various authors and of the loot you picked up. Glad you had such a nice time. :-)

Cindy Mitchell said...

Caryn - tell me again which library you are working at? Is it a year-round school or a nine month?

Caryn said...

It's Grand County High School, and is a nine-month school. In fact, I'll be up in the SLC area in a few weeks to spend a little time in a year-round school's library, just so I can get an informal practicum in before starting the school year.