Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Band of Merry Kids by David Skuy - OPTIONAL

The Band of Merry Kids by David Skuy
, 174 pages. DCB (Cormorant Books), 2018. $14

Language: PG; Mature Content: PG; Violence: PG


Robin Hood is Pip’s hero and he wants to be like him in every way--by shooting his bow accurately every time and saving people. However, Pip’s life is opposite in every way. The village bullies make his life miserable. And his father, seller of wool blankets, seems to bow and scrape to every person in the village. Pip wants his father to be like Robin Hood. To stand up to the rich men of the world. His father is going to the fair to sell his blankets. He invites Pip and his friends to come and help. Little does Pip know the adventure that he is going to have along the way and the truths he learns about his father. 

There are many legends about Robin Hood and his band of men. Pip and his Band of Merry Kids is a fun and different spin of adventures. There are scenes of violence between the lower class of people and ruling people. 

Diann, Media Specialist 

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