Sunday, May 9, 2021

Escaping Ordinary by Scott Reintgen - ADVISABLE

 Escaping Ordinary (Talespinners #2) by Scott Reintgen, 315 pages. Crown (Random), 2021. $17 

Content: G 



Indira has just finished starring in her first book and is ready for a well-earned rest. The advisors think that she needs some work on her hero skills, especially in how to be a team player, so they are sending her on the Hero’s Journey tutorial with a group of supporting characters. Something goes wrong during transport, but the glitch doesn’t seem too bad. Then things around Ordinary are going very wrong - so wrong that the very existence of Fable is at stake. Indira and her new friends will have to step up and save the worlds - Fable and ours. 

Reintgen is such a flexible author - his middle grade fantasy is as well-constructed as his YA science fiction. I loved this entirely different direction for a book #2 - it really felt like a worthy sequel rather than a placeholder for something to come in a third book (will there be a third book?) 

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS 

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