Monday, February 11, 2019

The House That Lou Built by Mae Respicio - ADVISABLE

The House That Lou Built by Mae Respicio, 231 pages.  Wendy Lamb (Random House), 2018.  $17.

Content: G



Lou’s dad dies before she was born and she and her mother live with her Filipino grandparents in a very loving, if crowded home.  Lou, about to be 13,  has always loved working with wood and building and dreams of building a tiny home, just for her and her mother, or the property that her dad left as her legacy. But just as she gets started on her plans, she learns that not only is her mom taking a job that would move her out of state, but they also own back taxes on the land and may lose it forever. Lou has some very fast thinking to do, even if some of her schemes land her in trouble with her mom and her cousins.

I love the authentic, natural looks into Lou’s extended Filipino family interactions.  Lou has spunk and does admit her mistakes.  I will admit - I did wish that Lou would actually move away just so she could understand that the world would not actually end even if her cheese got moved.

Cindy, Middle School Librarian, MLS

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