Sunday, December 2, 2018

Dead Endia by Hamish Steele - ADVISABLE

Dead Endia : The Watcher's Test by Hamish Steele, 216 pages. GRAPHIC NOVEL No Brow 2018 $14.95.

Language: PG (14 swears 0 'f') Mature Content: PG (Dating, Partying) Violence: PG 



Dead End is a haunted house attraction at Pollywood Amusement Park. At night, however, it is a portal to Hell. When a demon king possesses Barney's dog Pugsley, Norma and Barney destroy the demon, but this is only the beginning . . . Pugsley now has the gift of speech and they seem to have started a war - between Angels and Demons. 

Hamish Steele is an animator, and Dead Endia reads like a cartoon movie. Just enough weird bad guys, young adult drama and gross action. His world builds fast, and is believable and exciting. Readers who loved his Dead End short will appreciate this graphic novel version. 

 Lisa Librarian 

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