Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Whisper by Emma Clayton - ADVISABLE

Clayton, Emma The Whisper, 320 p. Chicken House (Scholastic), FEBRUARY 2012.  $18.  Violence: PG (lots of damage without being graphic).  Mal Gorman, the Minister for Youth Development, seems to have retrieved all of his young army and implanted them with fool-proof controllers that will make them do his bidding.. However, now that the twins, Ellie and Mika, have been reunited, they have very different plans for their future.  Now that The Roar has quieted, the twins have discovered The Whisper – a sub-audible means for them to communicate not only with the other children, but if they can harness their new powers, they may be able to connect the entire world – so that they could free their parents from behind the Wall and still protect all that they love.  

I had to wait three years, but the sequel to The Roar was finally published.  While this will probably never be the most popular series in your library, it is certain a very solid entry that you should not ignore – especially if you want to build up your science fiction collection.  

My favorite quote:  Like broken squirrel borgs that couldn’t stop squirreling, we filled our houses with things we didn’t need…By the time every home had a chocolate fountain, there were almost no trees left.  

MS – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher

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