Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maisy's First Clock by Lucy Cousins - ADVISABLE

Cousins, Lucy.  Maisy's First Clock.  Candlewick Press, 2002. $14.99.  PICTURE BOARD BOOK.  At 8 o'clock Maisy wakes up and at 10 o'clock she goes shopping.  Later on she eats lunch, goes to the park, and then bakes some cookies.  I know I've given a lot away already, but at least I haven't spoiled the ending (I'll give a hint: it rhymes with "red").   This is a good book because it just begins to introduce how the hands of a clock work.  My wife and I were going to buy a learning clock so we could teach our children how to tell time, but then I stumbled upon this book and I was glad I hadn't already purchased one of the beginner clocks because the book comes with one.  It can be seen on every page.  I wouldn't say that this is a must-have book, but if you are looking to teach your kids to tell time this book is a good first step.  Pre-K - ADVISABLE.  Brent Smith, Reading Teacher

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