Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Baby! by Randi Reisfeld

Reisfeld, Randi & Gilmour, H.B Oh Baby!, pgs 336. Scholastic Inc., 2010. $8.99 Language- PG-13 (20-25 swears, no "f"), Mature Content R (drinking, drugs and sexual content) ; Violence-PG. Jamie and Abby want to attend Ohio State instead of their small town community college, but there's only one thing that's holding them back. Money. The two friends decide to take the summer off to nanny for the rich and famous to earn some way needed cash for school. Abby scores a job with a high paying publicist and Jamie with a Hollywood star with her own television sitcom. Problem is Jamie's set to nanny in the sunshiny city of LA and Abby is the ready to take on New York City. Can their friendship last the long distance? This book was a great book, yet at time there was drinking and drugs involved. HS- ADVISABLE. Student Reviewer: BJS

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