Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lipstick Apology by Jennifer Jabayley

Jabayley, Jennifer Lipstick Apology, 321 pgs. Razorbill, 2009 Language-(PG-13) Violence-(G) Sexual Content-(PG-13) After Emily's mothers strange death and apology written in lipstick, EMILY PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Emily is sent to New York with her aunt and left to find out about her mysterious apology. At school she meets new friends, Andi and Lindsey. They show her around the school and tell her about all the kids in it. Emily quickly fell in love with Owen, the most popular boy at school and realizes he is available. During boy drama and unanswered questions Emily gets so stressed she starts going crazy. I personally loved this book and the mysteries in it. The ending was a great twist and totally unexpected. I loved this book it is a great read. MS, HS - ADVISABLE. Student Reviewer: AS

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