Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Legends of the Shadow World by Jane Johnson - ADVISABLE

Johnson, Jane Legends of the Shadow World
, 1111 pgs. Simon and Schuster, 2005.

Language - PG (8 swears, 0"f"), Sexual Content - G; Violence - PG

Ben has his heart on buying two fish from the pet store and has saved all his money for weeks to get them. When he finally goes to buy them, he gets a talking cat named Iggy instead. With his new pet he discovers a whole new world of unicorns, fairies, selkies, dragons, centaurs, and many more. And not only that, but he is part of a prophesy and needs to save this new world.

I always enjoy reading books with mythical creatures in them, and this one is now one of my favorites. I love reading adventures and how the heros get themselves in and out of tight situations. I also really like the personalities that add so much to the story, like Iggy and Ellie that make it all the more interesting.


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