Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kira by Kate O'Hearn

O’Hearn, Kate Kira (Shadow of the Dragon book 1), 306 p. Kane Miller, 2009. Violence: PG. When the King declares war on the neighboring countries, Kira, 12, and her sisters are outlaws just because they are unmarried. Her father, mother and brother are taken to the castle – her father as the best dragon knight trainer in history and her brother to take up the danger of being a dragon knight. Only Kira and one of her sisters escapes – and thus gain the wrath of the king. More than his ire awaits the girls however, as the take refuge right under the nose of an untamable, rogue dragon. This doesn’t stop Kira and her sister from saving and loving one of the Rogue’s own offspring. This is a fine tale of high fantasy – the only shame is that everyone will now have to wait for the next books in the series – and waiting is VERY hard to do when the book catches you imagination and heart like this one does! EL, MS – ESSENTIAL. Cindy, Library-Teacher.


Anonymous said...

when is the next book going to by out i have read this one and im waiting for the next one

Cindy Mitchell said...

Actually - you don't have too long to wait. My sources say January 2010 is when "Elspeth" will be released!

Tina Peterson said...

Hi - Elspeth has been released and is a wonderful book! I just wanted to give you a heads up that I've used part of this review on a post about stocking stuffers ideas and I've added a link so they can come check out your blog. I hope that's OK.

Tina "the Book Lady"