Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Cow that was the Best Moo-ther by Andy Cutbill

Cutbill, Andy The Cow that was the Best Moo-ther, illustrated by Russell Ayto. HarperCollins, 2009. $17.99. PICTURE BOOK. Marjorie the Cow enters her unusual-looking calf(?) into the farmer’s beauty contest, where her beautiful baby turns out to be something special after all. The illustrations in this book are lots of fun and littler children will laugh at Marjorie’s silly baby. PreK-K – ADVISABLE. Cindy, Library Teacher. Cindy, Library Teacher.

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Allison Madsen said...

I LOVE this book! The pictures are to die for. The first book about this cow is a nominee for the Utah Book Award this year!