Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Silver Door by Holly Lisle

Lisle, Holly The Silver Door, 386 p. Orchard (Scholastic), 2009. Genna has found her destiny – to be the Sunrider and free her people and the good nightlings from slavery – and she is trying hard to learn how to accomplish this. Following the instructions of her teacher one day, she and her best friend Catri are, instead, swallowed by a dragon and taken to the Spire, an ancient, now empty, place from where humans used to rule the world. Genna desperately wants to learn her path, but the Spire has ideas of its own – and the two goals may not coincide. If anything, Genna will learn that being the Sunrider means she will have to make very difficult choices. It is so exciting to see the second book in this series! It is a great series for young fantasy lovers. EL, MS – ESSENTIAL.


link2literacy said...

Hi Cindy, I recommend this blog to practically every teacher I meet. It is fantastic. I just wondered if you recruit any other educators to submit reviews. And I also wonder how you select your "labels." Thanks for providing this great resource. Renae

Cindy Mitchell said...

Hi Renae:

Actually, I am always looking for others to join our merry crew. Are you interested, or did you have someone in mind? I will email you the info on our labels - I actually sat down and typed up the protocol so that we would all be on the same page. Did you have a question about a particular label? -Cindy