Monday, April 27, 2009

The Juvie Three by Gordon Korman

Korman, Gordon The Juvie Three pgs. 256 Hyperion Language~PG, Sexual Content~G; Violence~PG

Gecko, Terence, and Arjay all have one thing in common, they are in a juvie detention center. Unexpectedly, the three boys are chosen to be given a second chance. They will get to live together under the supervision of Douglas Healy. Healy, once a delinquent himself has started up a half-way house for young men where he hopes to make a difference in their lives. All goes well until one day an innocent accident leaves Healy unconscious and the boys panic. They drop Healy off at an ER and run. Healy wakes up with amnesia and no memory of who he is or the boys he is supposed to be taking care of. The three boys are determined not to be sent back to juvie, so they hatch a plan to work together to make it appear that Healy is still around taking care of them. But, what happens if they get caught? Will Healy ever regain his memory? Gordon Korman has written an exciting story of three boys and their attempt to change the direction of their lives.

MS –ADVISABLE Allison Madsen~Teen Librarian-SJO Public Library

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this book! If ur a juvinile delinquint and u read the book it kind of hits home u really can connect to it