Sunday, March 29, 2009

Brutal by Michael Harmon - ESSENTIAL

Harmon, Michael Brutal, 227 p. Knopf (Random), 2009. Language: R (80, 15 "f"); Violence: PG-13.

Poe's mother has left for a year doctoring in the wilds of Africa, leaving Poe with her father, whom she hasn't seen for sixteen years. Poe comes with a lot of baggage and a lot of guts - the guts to stand up to the system, even if means standing up to her own father. Poe throws herself right into making waves - in the show choir, in PE, and in the defense of her weird neighbor "Velveeta", whom is the punching bag for the school jock king.

Harmon's book is so powerful, it needs to be mandatory reading for every teacher, administrator, counselor and I hope that there are schools out there brave enough to add this to their curriculum. I love Poe and I hope others will love her too. Unfortunately, becuse of the language and violence ratings, I can't recommend this for most school collections. But, like 13 Reasons Why, this one will be passed from hand to hand.



Caryn Caldwell said...

You had me sold on this one when you compared it to Thirteen Reasons Why. Thirteen is an amazing book, and this one looks just as good in its own way. I've already started thinking of people to share it with, and I only just heard of it...

Cindy Mitchell said...

I know - I've already passed it off and I have a list of where it needs to go next!

Anonymous said...

I'm honored. Thank you!

Michael Harmon